How to Set Up Your Event: Communication
Apr 23, 2010

This is the information that you will need to enter in order to create your event's communication settings within DW Event's Management area (CRM>Event>Manage>Communication)


1. Create an article about this event. This function allows you to take advantage of our system's content management system (CMS), or online publisher built into the DW Event management system. If you click this link you will be taken to an article creation page where you can publish any kind of article or content related to your event. You can include images, links (including links to Youtube videos), and additional documents such as PDFs or PowerPoint presentations.


If you would like your content to be organized according to different sections or components of your event (such as sessions or special presentations), you can click on that event item and then click on the add article link. This will allow people who are registering or viewing your website to access content related specifically to that session or event component.


For more information on how to use and optimize our publishing tool, read Best Practices on How to Optimize the DW Alliance Publisher Tool, Part One and Part Two.


2. Email Communications. One of the great things about online event management is that you can automate most of your standard email communications. Our email broadcasting tool allows you to create specific lists out of your CRM or contact database as well as send automatic confirmation and receipt emails.


Create an Email List for This Event: by clicking here you will automatically generate a list of all currently registered attendees for the event that you are managing.


Manage Selected Email List: with this function you will see a drop-down menu of all the email lists created for the event(s) in your system. Selecting an event list will enable you to create and send a customized email to the people included in these lists. This is different from sending the confirmation or receipt email, which requires less steps once you fill in the content below. To read more about how to manage lists and create emails in our email broadcasting tool click here.


Automated Emails (Optional): By filling in the fields for these email forms, you will create the template for these communications which are then sent automatically to recipients.


Confirmation emails are sent by clicking on the "Send Confirmation Email" link to all people who are registered for your event. The confirmation email can include basic event information (location, check-in procedures, parking, directions, itinerary, etc.) that attendees will need before going to the event. If you do not wish to send this email automatically do not fill in the form.


Receipt emails are automatically sent to registrants when their registration is completed (paid for) internally. It is a financial record and receipt of purchase. If you do not wish to send this email automatically do not fill in the form.


Speaker Confirmation emails are sent to speakers who have been entered into your CRM when they are linked to a particular event. If you do not wish to send this email automatically do not fill in the form.


Wait-list emails are automatically sent to potential attendees who have signed up for a waitlist once there is an opening available. These openings are sent to waitlistees on a first-come-first serve basis, based on the order in which they have signed up. If you do not wish to send this email automatically do not fill in the form.


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