How to Use the DW Alliance Email Blaster
Apr 23, 2010

(This article presupposes that you have already created or uploaded a list of emails. You can create a list by selecting categories in your CRM or you can upload external lists in .csv format.)


1. From within your CRM, click on Email Blaster on the top navigation menu. You will see a drop-down menu that gives you the option to create a new list (if you will be uploading an external list of contacts); view all pending and recent email blasts (more on this below); or manage lists/reports/upload lists/create email blast.


2. By clicking on option one "Create a New List" or option three (navigating to "Create a new list" in the Manage lists/reports/upload lists/create email blast" window), you will see the following screen:



3. Click on "Create New Email" if you have not yet entered any information or content for your email blast. If you have already entered information but would like to edit it, or view the stats for current or previous messages to this list, you can click on "View Stats for this list or Edit Existing Email".


4. You will see our email editor screen (below):


Here you can enter all the essential information for your email blast, including the "to" "from" and "subject" lines. In the main window you can edit your email's body, either in our automatic HTML editor (seen above), which gives you text and image formatting options.


If you prefer to create your email in a different html editing program such as Dreamweaver, click on Add/Remove editor at the bottom of the window. The editing tool bar will disappear and you will see only a blank screen. Now simply paste the code from your external source within the window. Make sure that tags for website viewing such as "DOC" "<head>" and "<body>" are removed as they may create problems for some email interfaces.


5. Schedule your Email Blast. Select the date and time that you would like your email to be sent. We recommend scheduling at least an hour in advance in case you need to make any last-minute changes, and also to check test emails.


6. You will be taken to your lists "Edit and View Stats" screen, which looks like this:


This screen will allow you to view the stats for emails that have been sent (including how many were sent, how many were bounced, how many click throughs there were, etc.)


It will also allow you to download the emails in this list in .csv format, or delete the email entirely.


7. If you have not done so already, you can Add a Test Email and Send Test Email to make sure that all the links and formatting work correctly. If you want to add a test email (or other email addresses previously not included in the list), you will be taken to the following screen:

You can add email addresses in the format specified. If you would like to add a test email, make sure to click "I am inserting emails to send tests to." All addresses checked for tests will also receive the final email, but no email recipient added in this page will receive tests unless this box is checked.


8. If you would like to review all current and recent emails, you can click on "View all Pending and Recent E-blasts" in the CRM menu. This will take you to the following screen:


Here you can also edit, manage or disable lists.

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