Best Practices to optimize the DW Alliance Publisher tool: Part One
Oct 14, 2009

In this first installment of tips to maximize your use of our Publisher, you can find suggestions and pointers on how to increase your Google ranking, page views per article, and search engine optimization for your website, blog or content management system (CMS).


Catchy Titles: When choosing a title for your article make sure that it uses title words that can be easily picked up by Google searches on the topic.


Description: This is another opportunity to use keywords that will get your article indexed by Google and have a higher ranking in its searches. Instead of repeating the phrasing in your title, use different words that get across the same idea. This will double the chances that someone searching for information with different terms can find your article.


Pre-posting your articles. If you can prepare your articles in advance, pre-post them so that a new one appears every day. If the Google databases find that you're publishing content every day, they will repeatedly come and index your site. We produce a site map for all of our clients with all the articles on it indexed, which helps Google index the site.


Leverage your content: try publishing your articles to at least 2 different pages on your site (for example a category page as well as the homepage.) Google will give you a higher ranking if it detects multiple links to your article within your site.


Page breaks: It's important to use the page break feature within the content editing area. This allows you to break a big article into multiple pages, which in turn will generate more hits for that same article. This can translate into more ad value for your content, if your advertising is tied to number of page views per visitor.



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