The Art of Leveraging Software to Make Money
Feb 15, 2011

Conventional marketing wisdom says it's easier to generate additional business from existing relationships than it is to create new ones. If true, then why not prioritize building existing relationships by leveraging Internet tools that are already at your disposal?

To assist on this path of building upon alliances, many institutions deploy CRM systems. The problem is that while CRM systems might be great at organizing data, they don't make necessarily diversified revenue streams. Truly leveraging DW Alliance's software boils down to the ability of your organization to creatively find ways to leverage existing CRM tools. You probably already know that DW offers unique solutions that can be customized to fit businesses needs. But, did you know that there are integrated modules that help you generate revenue?

One might ask, "Why do this?". We have seen that companies with diversified revenue streams are able to take the loss of a grant or donor in stride without too much trouble, a very different story when not prepared. It is that simple.

So here are some ideas. You can sell individual articles with options allowing you to control access to your content. You can charge a fee to view an article available either via subscriptions or single-article purchases, or you can simply require that readers login in order to view articles (enabling you to keep track of your readership). Additionally, you can opt to charge for additional documents, such as downloadable files associated with these articles. To see how you can optimize the publisher, click here.

Another way to leverage the software is that you can market and sell tickets to training and events. With a web designer, using our template system, you can sell advertising space along the periphery of your registration pages. You might say that while you put on the occasional event, you are not an event planning organization. We believe that if you put on any event, you would benefit from leveraging some tools to help you. To see our event checklist, follow this link:

We all know that offering online registration for your event is a great way to get more attendees to confirm quicker. Logging on a website and simply paying with your credit card is often much easier than filling out paper forms, faxing them to a number that doesn't always work, or having to send them through snail mail. Tie this in with email marketing, one of the cheapest and easiest way to promote an event if you can send your email through a secure, spam-protected server. To promote events email marketing is an ideal tool because you can link directly to your online registration and information website from within the email itself, cutting out more intermediate (and costly) steps like mass mailing or telephone calls. For more ideas on how you can advertise for your event using the system, read this short article on using a Rss feed:

Finally, because we have been building and refining this platform for over 9 years, we might have some suggestions for you. Call us and let's chat about how we can help you accomplish more with less work, and create a diversified revenue stream without engaging your sales team.

Really, call us at 510 903 0644, we'd love to hear from you!




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