RSS Feeds for Your Event Website
Nov 08, 2010

If you plan on updating your event website regularly, and better yet, publishing a lot of articles about it, the RSS feed is a great way to keep people automatically up-to-date on the latest news and announcements.


The function works just as it would on a blog or regular content-based website. By clicking on the RSS subscription link at the bottom of your event landing page, visitors will be redirected to a page where they can subscribe to an RSS feed from the entire list of events that have been uploaded into your system.


This is particularly useful for organizations that host large numbers of events and want to keep their audiences informed of upcoming dates. Rather than having to remember to keep coming back to the website, they can subscribe to the RSS feed and get automatic reminders each time new events are loaded into the system.


The tool also enables them to select which type of RSS feed they want to use, including Live Bookmarks, Safari, Bloglines, Google or Yahoo.


The benefits of this function are similar to an automatic newsletter without the extra work. Each time you update your website, RSS subscribers will get an email notification and link to the update.



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