DW Event Planner's Checklist
Jun 21, 2010


This is a quick checklist for event planners using DW Event, to help ensure that you take full advantage of our different features and tools.


Before the Event

  • Create event name description and date(s) on your event website
  • Define minimum / maximum number of attendees and exhibitors
  • Reserve venue
  • Create your brochure and promotional collateral - including classes, general sessions, and other program information
  • Organize speakers – import speaker names and bios from an external file or select and activate directly from the CRM
  • Obtain speaker contracts and confirmations, and save in CRM as documents associated with contact records
  • Create and schedule invitation emails
  • Create registration types and tickets
  • Monitor registrations and adjust e-blasts as needed
  • Assign classes to corresponding rooms
  • Send final reminder to registrants

Final prep and onsite

  • Pre-print badges
  • Distribute scanners to rooms and/or exhibitor booths (make sure they’re fully charged)
  • Check-in and distribute badges
  • Scan attendees
  • Collect scanners at end of day

After the Event

  • Upload attendee data
  • Send out exit survey email
  • Post pictures, stories and video to your event website
  • Send out thank you emails



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