Issuing Education Credits at Your Event
Jul 21, 2010

In our last article on testing during your event registration, we looked at how you can incorporate exams and quizzes in your online registration process. In addition, events, whether virtual or in-person, is useful as a way of keeping credentials up-to-date for industry-based associations by offering education credits for attending relevant workshops, seminars, etc. An event management system that enables you to define, issue, and track education credits for attendees is therefore essential.


Let's look at the following use-case scenario:


In your industry association, in order for members to continue to carry the industry's quality standard credentials they must accrue a minimum of 10 Education Credits per year.Your industry association is hosting its annual conference, and  These credits can be obtained via educational workshops and events, some of which the association offers online (see our last article), and others in-person at individual seminars and/or sessions during its annual conference.


In order for event attendance and education credits to be easily synced and tracked, the association will need an event management software that can automatically link credits to events and/or sessions. Different types of credits may be offered for different sessions, and when the sessions are being entered into the event management system these credits can be defined (with DW Event you can offer up to four different types of credits per session or event item.)


There will be a two-part process for issuing credits:


1) The event registration process

During online registration for the event, each time someone selects a class that has been pre-linked with credits, the credits will be recorded within their user record.


2) Event attendance

It's possible that someone might register for a credit-based event or session but not attend it. This can be tracked by barcode scanners, which can be placed at the entrance to credit-based sessions. When attendees enter the room, they will scan their registration badge (automatically printed with a barcode), and at the end of the day the attendance is downloaded to produce a list of all attendees.



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