Tests and Quizzes in Your Event Registration
Jul 19, 2010

Industry-based associations often take advantage of events as a way to keep learning and continuing education levels standardized, and pre and post-event testing is a useful tool to support this. Incorporating an easy-to-use online testing feature as part of your online event registration can save time and money for organizations whose events serve the double-function of standardizing and registering the knowledge of their participants.


One use-case scenario would be: let's say you are a non-profit medical health industry association that hosts training and capacity building workshops several times a year, as well as an annual conference. The training workshops are free and offered as a service to members, but in order to prevent them from being filled by attendees who don't have the knowledge level needed in order to best take advantage of the workshop's resources, you could offer a pre-registration test to winnow down potential attendees.


By setting a minimum passing score for the pre-registration test, you can gauge how well prepared attendees are for the material being presented as well as select the ones most appropriate for the worskshop. Another twist on this is offering a post-workshop test, where you can gauge how much attendees benefitted from the workshop and also identify areas for improvement in future training events.


For your annual conference, you might want to offer a discounted or otherwise special ticket for attendees who have passed an online quiz as an extra incentive for being prepared for the conference. Many associations offer continuing education credits during their events as a way of maintaining industry standards high, and these continuing education credits can also be taken online as an alternative to having to attend the event in person.


Online testing is a useful tool for:


  • Membership associations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Industry organizations
  • Large corporations with internal training events
  • Governments and other public sector entities


With DW Event's online event management software you can:


  • Set up an online test easily and incorporate it into your event website
  • Store scores and testing history in each user's online registration account.
  • Store, update, and download certificates and other proof-of-testing documents from within your event database
  • Provide answers and explanations in additional documentation for user-education
  • Automatically issue certificates of completion for tests successfully passed


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