How to Set Up Your Event: Configuration (II)
Apr 16, 2010

This is the second set of information that you will need to enter in order to set up your event is within DW Event's Configuration area (CRM>Event>Manage>Configuration), following step 12 (keywords) in Part I of this How-To.

13) Questions: here you can create html-formatted questions as well as CRM category-coded questions for guests. For example, you can ask whether participants would prefer for their contact information to not be shared with other guests in the following manner:


Your name and address may be released to other attendees or exhibitors.<br>If you don't want your information released, check here <input type=checkbox name=set_private QPRIVATE value=Y><input type=hidden name=update_private value=yes>.


For a list of CRM category fields go to CRM>Configuration>Category Manager>Select Contact>Show Subcategories


14) Campaign: If your organization is working on various campaigns you can assign this event to an existing campaign and track all finances, activities, and records for that campaign (CRM>Campaigns)


15) Event Description: Here you can create html-formatted descriptions of your event for your event landing page. Our built-in editor will give you various text and formatting options.


To add images, you can upload a picture and drag it into the editing area.




16) Hide event externally/internally: here you can choose to hide an event on the internet (externally) or internally, within your organization's CRM (for example if it ends up being cancelled and you don't want any of the information to be exported or altered).


17) Password protect your event: by creating a password you will require all external users to have the password in order to access your event website


18) Hide description on form: this will hide your html/image description on the pages of your event website that customers will go to in order to fill out course selection and payment information.


19) Hide easy ID: the easy ID is a number for referencing courses and other sessions within your event, and helps to keep the order of courses as they are shown on the website and confirmation materials. If you don't want these numbers to be visible on your event website brochure, attendee forms and confirmation itineraries, click here.


ASSOCIATION SECTION. Note: all of these options will only apply to registrations within the Section Enrollment Registration codes.


20) Section Enrollment Discounted: if your event is being held by an association with various sections or chapters that charge annual fees, you can discount their annual fee from the registration price by clicking here.


21) Section Enrollment Required: by clicking here you will require all attendees for a specific registration code to be enrolled in a section in order to attend the event.


22) Section Enrollment Optional: by clicking here you will make enrolling in a section optional for attendees.




23) Show Event Registrants: This feature creates an online directory of attendees that can be viewed by other registered attendees, potential attendees (who have obtained a username and password for the event and are considering attendance), the general public (not recommended) or no one.


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