How to Set Up Your Event: Configuration (I)
Apr 09, 2010

The first set of information that you will need to enter in order to set up your event is within DW Event's Configuration area (CRM>Event>Manage>Configuration)

1) Enter your Event Name

2) Internal Note: this is where you can define coordinators or assign other responsibilities for this event

3) Enter your Event Location as you wish it to appear on your event website

4) Enter your event's Start and End dates.

5) Enter your Event's Language, as you wish it to appear on the website

6) Enter your Event Timezone so that actions related to your event (like registrations, email communications, etc.) can be coordinated with our web servers.

7) Select your Event Localization: this will help set the appropriate formats for numbering and dates

8) Define your Event Website url: if you already have a domain name we can append your event registration website to that url (for example: http://www.mywebsite/mybigconference). If you don't have an existing domain name we can create your event site on our servers with a unique url (

9) Bottom (all) Text: here you can enter information that you would like to appear on all the pages of your event website. For example, you can enter contact information for people to use if they are having trouble or questions about the event, or name sponsors, etc.

10) Bottom (checkout) Text: this is the text you can put at the bottom of your payment processing page. You might want to enter a disclaimer about registrations being nonrefundable, or payments being processed by a specific date, etc.

11) Gather Guest Names: if you are allowing your attendees to bring guests to the event or to specific portions of the event (such as a dinner), this is where they will enter their guest name.

12) Keywords: here you can enter keywords, separated by commas, for your event to increase it's visibility on Internet search engines.


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