Sending Email Directly - When real time failure is what you want.
Jimmy Brake May 22, 2007

One of the typical use cases of sending email is for it to be sent instantly. Their are some problems with that though in that the configuration of the servers(computers) and networks do not always work as promptly as we would hope.


 Typically email is sent via the process of your email client(outlook, webmail, thunderbird, apple mail) contacting your SMTP server(the DW Alliance email server), then that server contacting the recipients server and then that server delivering the email to the recipients email address. If your server has difficulties in sending to the recipients server then it may wait a while then try again, this waiting and trying again and again may go on for several days till it gives up and sends you an error message ... usually cryptic and frustrating.


We updated our webmail to allow you to by pass our  server and send directly to the recipients server. This will often mean that the failure will happen immidiately and alerting you that there is a problem, probably best rectofied by you contacting the recipient by another means.





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