Updates to CRM Contact Profile Page
Aug 06, 2008

With just a little javascript and a fair amount of editing we were able to vastly simplify the contact information and integrated forms.

We updated the contact profile template. The updated template makes use of the hide and toggle functions in the prototype library.

  • Entering call logs and view call logs are now separated.
  • When entering call logs there is a stop watch feature you can use to assist in timing your call(it links directly to the users account which you can then later use for billing).
  • Email archives are enabled in such a way as to make them load faster as well as being less cluttered.
  • Shopping cart access is brought to the front more quickly.
  • Navigation to other modules is all in the left hand column.

To enab le the new template copy, possibly edit and then paste the base template into your template. Make sure you keep a copy of your old template just in case there might be some customizations to your template that you may want to bring over. Very important that if you delete a div section that you also update the javascript to remove that reference.


If you want us to do the template update for you the fee is $100 max, for clients on advanced support plans of $1000 or more per month the update will be done upon your request.







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