SugarCRM Installation Instructions
May 27, 2010

DW Event Management CRM connector for SugarCRM
Before you start using it you need to complete 2 simple steps:
First click here to start your event management system. When completed you will receive your 'DW' information that you will need to use in the second step: email, password and code
Then add this line to your crontab:
*/20 * * * * php $the_sugar_home_folder/dwalliance_sync.php -dw_password=yourpassword dw_code=YOURCODE > /dev/null 2>&1

Please note it requires php curl module loaded in your server.

Also note that your SugarCRM user name and password are stored in the file 'dwalliance_sync.php',  so if by any reason you change your password you also need to change it there so the cron job continues to run correctly.

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