Extended event website
Feb 22, 2010

If your company hosts one or more major in-house events per year, a customized event website is the best way to bring all online registration and event management features into your existing online presence and organizational resources.


Our customized, extended event websites are a great way to offer all of the structural and aesthetic support that your existing company website has. Instead of creating an independent online registration website with no direct relationship to your existing website, let us create a mirror image of your website so that registrants can move fluidly from one to another without "getting lost." In addition to a unique url and easy-to-use formatting and updating tools, you'll essentially bring an entire online event management system into your existing web infrastructure.


This service is offered by hardly anyone in the online event management field, and represents a major customization benefit that only the DW Online Event Management Suite can accomplish. We can also train your in-house web-designers to create a customized event registration site wthin your existing website.


For more information about pricing please call us for a personal assessment.



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