Google Site Map Generation
Jimmy Brake Sep 07, 2006

We created a page that will generate a XML site map to the specification that google dicates at The location of the sitemap is at This XML sitemap will help to raise the number of hits that your site will get from search engines. Quality content is what gets your site ranked the highest.


The sitemap generator will presently create a sitemap with links to all your enabled and current articles, categories, alternate categories and custom pages of our publishing tool or content management system. You can see an example of the site at .


To make this new site map tool work best for you go to create an account or use your existing account to add your site then add your sitemap. Once you have added the sitemap our system will make sure it is uptodate each time google or another search engine comes to get the newest pages.


We will add the other modules as requests come in and time allows.

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