Online Event Registration for Large Corporations
Apr 01, 2012

Two of our clients recently approached us with the same problem. We have some large corporations wanting to register many people at once, the events each had many different registration options and the clients only wanted to enter the credit card number once. For simple events we had been doing that for years. For other people they would have to re-enter their credit card number. We aim to please. 


So we made the update. Now there is a new option at the bottom of the form that asks if they would like to register more people for the event. People are shown all the other people in that organization or they can create a new persons profile then complete the registration for each person. This allows one person to register the entire company. Often our clients have events targeted at an industry and the event has many different job types attended. So there will be classes for managers, board members, technicians, designers etc.


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