Tiered Pricing and Group Tickets
Jul 22, 2011

I have an upcoming event where we want to allow group registrations(Group Ticket - per below) and we might want to allow discounts for larger purchases.

  1. login to the CRM
  1. select the event where you need group tickets
  2. select registration
  3. create a new ticket(normal stuff plus)
    1. set display on form, price, min value, max value must be greater than 1 and reg type code
    2. don't forget to schedule when it gets displayed
    3. fee(price)
  4. create another ticket(this is the sub-ticket)
    1. set the easy id and reg code
    2. set to display in CRM only
  5. using the group ticket feature of the first ticket
    1. enter the easy id of the second ticket
    2. enter the value of 1
  6. once again don't forget to schedule when to display the first ticket

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