Why Barcodes Matter: Tracking Human Traffic
Mar 11, 2010

Assigning barcodes to your attendees is a powerful way to track the movements and dynamics of your event. DW Event's online registration and management system includes this feature, and this is how it works:


1) The system assigns a barcode to each confirmed registrant's name badge. This barcode will automatically refer to the attendee's contact record in our CRM database.

2) When attendees enter a session, visit a booth, attend a ticketed event or meal, they scan their name badge at one of the barcode scanners at these areas.

3) At the end of the day, each of these barcode scanners downloads the information for the individuals that passed through that area, including the contact information, time, and location.

4) You can analyze the data to quickly see which sessions or areas were most popular among attendees and what the flow of visitors looked like throughout the day.

5) For exhibitors and sponsors, you can quickly extract lists of who visited their booths or exhibits and their corresponding information (if the attendee was willing to release their information).


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