Updating the Contact Information Forms in the CRM and Customer Areas (store or event)
Mar 06, 2011

One of the great things about our system is that if you or your clients update their information it instantly updates both the shopping cart and your CRM.


When you are updating or creating contact and or company records you will normally do that from the CRM.




When your clients are updating or creating contact and or company records they will normally do that from the store or event module.






There are three components to most contact forms:

  1. the fields that people see
    • such as first name and  last name
    • this component is controled by the templates
  2. if the field is required
    • this component is controlled by the form manager
  3. if the answer is required what is the error message

You can easily navigate to any contact form in the system by doing what you normally due to get there then click edit template. Once you have opened the template manager you will want to copy and paste the template into your favorite HTML editor such as dreamweaver or edit the HTML directly.

You can navigate to the form manager from the CRM.

  1. login to the CRM
  2. select other -> configuration
  3. select form management from the CRM section

Now read the descriptions of the forms to decide which form you want to manage and click update. There are three options for each form element, updated, required and message if it is required.  By setting a field to updated the data entered into the field will be stored in the database. By setting a field to required the system will display the message if the field is not completed.


Watch this video.




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