How to Track Email Broadcasting and Registration in Tandem
Apr 05, 2010

The DW Event online registration and event management system comes with a variety of built-in tools, including a sophisticated email broadcasting function that allows you to design, schedule and automatically send professional, html-formatted emails to unlimited recipients.


It also comes with a feature that enables you to track your registrations and revenues in real-time, and shows this data in easy-to-analyze visual formats including charts and graphs.


Both tools can be used alone, but they're best taken advantage of when used in tandem. This enables you to track the effectiveness of your email broadcasts as a marketing and registration/revenue-generator. This might be especially handy if you're using various marketing strategies, and want to measure them up against one another.


With our visual reporting tool, you can pull up the numbers of registrations and the quantity of revenue you've generated for a particular event by date range. You can also track which emails were responsible for visits to your registration site by linking an email list to your event from the get-go.


What you will see when you click on your visual reports link will look like the image below, showing you the relationship between your email broadcast dates and the number of registrations they generated. They can also show you the number of registrations generated by other marketing efforts if you keep track of them.



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