Why Create a Customized Event Website?
Mar 15, 2010

Standard online event management systems offer a stand-alone registration site where attendees are directed to go through the steps of their registration and payment. These sites might have more or less visual "dressing" such as a logo or color scheme to associate the event with its host organization, but in general they follow a standard format dictated by the service provider's infrastructure. For a small event, especially hosted by an organization that doesn't already have its own online presence and web identity, this format can work.


However if your organization is a large company or association with a robust online infrastructure and/or heavy virtual interaction with its audience, a separate event registration website can be cumbersome and confusing.


Imagine that your association or company website could have its own event site, embedded within its navigation bars, look-and-feel, and overall visual identity. Visitors to the parent website would not lose connectivity with their other online activities (reading membership-based material, participating in discussions, etc.) as a result of reading about the annual event and deciding to register for it.


A custom-branded website creates a seamless end-user experience without the choppiness of leaving the parent site to register and having to come back. It also makes viral marketing and online promotion easier, because the online registration is already embedded within the parent site.


DW Event offer custom-branded event websites, with a variety of additional features such as content publishing, document and supplementary material archiving, and integration with eCommerce tools that are built to fit naturally into the structure of your existing website.


And the best news of all is that we're offering this paid-for, customized service FREE to our first fifteen customers. Sign up quickly!


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