Added an option to display custom contact category data in the company profile.
Oct 26, 2009

How to Display important contact category information in the company profile.


Recently one of our clients asked us to display the certain contact category information in the company profile. We updated the category manager and the show profile page to accomodate that request.


To use the new feature

  1. login to your CRM
  2. click other and configuration
  3. click category management in the CRM module
  4. click contact then manage contact sub categories
  5. select the category
  6. use the drop in Rename sub category to select the subcategory you want to display
  7. re-enter the name then click checkbox beside 'Show on the Company Profile in the CRM'

Now update your CRM show profile page.

  1. in the CRM navigate to any company profile
  2. click edit template at the bottom of the page
  3. find C_FIRST_NAME C_LAST_NAME and put C_CONTACT_CATEGORY before or after the name
  4. save the template(bottom of page or ctrl-s)
  5. find a company that should have a contact with that sub cateogory selected
    • I use the category browse option on the search page then click brief view and navigate to their company profile
  6. once you have successfully tested your update then click make live

  If you want us to do it for you, please let us know.

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