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Jimmy Brake Nov 21, 2010

Welcome to the DW ALLIANCE LLC Application Interface api interface.

We hope this API is useful for you and meets your expectations. Please feel free to contact us at support at dwalliance dot com if you need an upgrade or find a bug to the existing system. We generally are available during business hours Monday thru Friday, after hours and weekend support is available if you let us know when you need it.

Overview: This API is an interface for programmers to integrate DW Alliance applications/services into external services and applications. We strive for ease of use and security.

API Architecture:
We have seperated each application into multiple pages and each page has multiple commands each command has multiple variabless. To access any page you will need a company id, a personal id and a personal password, some commands also require end user ids and attribute ids. As an administrator you have access to tools that can give you the ID's of end users and attributes. We use json and basic http 1.0 get methods for exchanging data, what we believe to be the most simple and efficient methods for both man and machine. We also try to adhere to the 'REST' principals as much as possible.

We put security before ease of use but we do have a method for security that once you understand it the ease of use should be there for you as well as the comfort in knowing that what you are accessing is secure.

Security is achieved by insuring that only admins have global access, end user access is presently planned but not yet implemented but of course only the users data will be available to the end user. Each page requires that proper authorization is provided before any action is taken. The service is accessed over https and as long as https is not crackable then your data will be secure. Our servers are protected by a third party that insures that only individuals who have access to the colocation facility are allowed access and they only have access to their cabinet.

Process Overiview:
Errors are handled prior to processing and cause a process stop, warnings are printed as they happen and are fixable on subsequent processes if you make the correction . Process progress is printed when it seems appropriate.


Versioning is handled as noted in the url, page_name.1.html means version 1.

All usage is stored in a database, at present we do not provide access to this database but we do plan to.

The list of commands available on each page as well a their attributes and the process flow can be accesssed by adding ?info=yes to the end of the URL.

List of pages grouped by application:
NOTE: The CRM is central to nearly all of our applications so you will probably need to access it before you do anything else.


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Upgrade Requests 

DW Alliance typically builds things based on need(not what we think you need), so if you need something just let us know.

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