DW Event's New Automatic Invite Tool
Jul 30, 2010

DW Event unveils a new feature in its online event management software suite that enables end users to forward invitations to an event with the click of a button. Here's how it works:


1) The event manager configures the text for the automatic invitation tool in their Communications Panel. This text should include a link to the event website and any other relevant information (promos, discounts, etc.)

2) End users who are directed to the event website will see the following social marketing options at the bottom of the website:


3) At the bottom, the link to invitations will bring them to a screen where they simply enter in the email addresses of the contacts to whom they would like to send the pre-configured email invitation. They will also have the option to include text of their own.

4) When they click submit, their email invitations will be sent out and all recipients will have a direct link back to the event website.


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