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Jun 22, 2010

When migrating to a new software system that will handle large amounts of complex information such as contacts, sales opportunities, and events you need as painless a transition as possible. Our data import tool enables you to transfer your contacts from email, excel and other external databases with ease.


There are essentially three routes to importing your data into the DW CRM (customer relationship manager):


1) From external email-based databases such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail

Here you can simply import your contacts as they exist in your hosted email accounts, including contact first and last names and email addresses. All you need to do is enter your email user account name and password to import contacts directly.


2) From external email-based contact databases such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows

In this case your email program will allow you to export contacts and contact fields such as first and last name, and email address(es) into a .csv file


3) From existing, multiple-field contact databases

Using our Advanced Import Tool, you can create a .csv file from an existing database with the full range of fields including contact, company and divisions, as well as demographic data such as company size and additional fields needed to use our subscriptions, sales, and directory tools.


Our import tool enables you to extract essential information from existing contact databases and merge them seamlessly with the DW system. If you need us to create specific category fields to mirror your existing databases we can do this as well.


The basic fields for a contact and company import can be seen below:




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