Different Levels of Online Visibility
Nov 30, 2010

DW Event offers a variety of levels of access and visibility for your online event. You may want to make your event website visible only after a specific date, or only for certain viewers. Here are some of the options:


1) Totally public. This is the default for your event once you have loaded its information into your system. Your event will appear on your website, in chronological order relative to other events, once you've activated its "live" dates.

2) Partially public. You may want to make a particular event "live" for some people to see without posting it directly onto the /events listing of your website. By unchecking the "list on /event" function under Configuration, your event will not automatically be listed on your website's event calendar. However it will be visible via the individual url that you can customize under Configuration ("Event Easy url"). This way you can send the link to specific people without making the event live to the general public.


3) Backend only. You may not want to have a publicly visible version of your event at all, but still be able to manage registrations on the backend. By clicking "Hide Event exteranlly" under Configuration you can disable its outward-facing web presence while still being able to manage all of its components when logged in to your DW Event system.


4) Neither front-end nor backend. By clicking "Hide Event exteranlly and internally" you will essentially be erasing the event from both the public website and your internal event management list. However you do not erase the event's information entirely, as our servers and databases will retain the information loaded up until that point should you need it at a future date.


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