Detailed Expense Tracking for Your Events
Oct 19, 2010

To make tracking expenses easy and fully integrated with your event planning, you can user our Expenses function to do the following:


  • Enter all event related expenses into the same system that tracks the events financial history (incoming and outgoing), saving you the time of cross-referencing and importing between separate programs
  • Linking expenses to a company or organizational campaign (optional) as well as to individual events or event components
  • Creating and housing information for multiple expense accounts  (such as separate bank or departmental accounts within your organization)
  • Assigning budgets to specific accounts to signal spending limits
  • Track who entered or updated expenses via your CRM user accounts
  • View, in list format, the most recent 20 expenses entered for a particular event
  • Select which component of the event to attribute the expense to (overall, particular registration types, sessions, meals, or other event modules)

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