Stimulate Attendee Networking Online
Nov 01, 2010


Events are essential for networking, and everyone who attends them usually takes away a bag full of business cards. With  DW Event you can offer an additional source of networking information to your attendees by creating an attendee directory.


Integrate with your contact database

You can allow attendees to update their profiles in the CRM contact database that serves as the "nerve center" of your event, and choose whether to make their information public or private. By making ther information public, they can share relevant information about themselves, their company, and their services to other attendees via the event website.


Browsable, searchable, flexible categories

Once your attendee profiles are uploaded or entered into the system, they are automatically indexed according to searchable categories that you can define. If you want to create additional categories other than name and contact information (for example what kinds of services provided), you can create an alphabetical, location-based or other indexes so that attendees can read up on, or "find" other people at the event before or afterwards.


Export or import to Excel and other formats

If you want to export your directory for printing, emailing, or other purposes you can do so easily. And the same goes for importing: just import directly from your email, Excel, Filemaker, or other files.


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