How do I use the gallery feature of the publisher?
Jimmy Brake Feb 21, 2007

One of the time consuming things about modern digital cameras is resizing the images to fit on a website and organizing those images into a gallery.


We have automated creating web optimized images and the thumbnails needed for easy navigation of an online gallery. Our gallery system also allows for inline comments and reordering the images. You can upload the images directly from your computer to a folder on your website and then put the website and directory location in the publisher. At this point the system will do the resizing and linking for you. The default order is based on the order returned by your webserver and the comments can be added at anytime.



Important Note: you may need to allow your images and folder to be modified by the webserver. This can be accomplished by modifiing the access properties of the folder and possibly the images.You can typically get to the correct window by right clicking or ctrl+clicking on folder or file in your FTP program.



You may also need to alter the permissions of your image files.



In the image above I am changing the permissions of many images at one time, this feature may not be part of all FTP programs.


Summary of Gallery Usage:

1. do your first cropping/editing/resizing/color adjusting of your images

2. create a new folder and set the perimissions if needed

3. upload your images to the folder

4. you may need to alter the permissions of the images

5. create a new article and put the folder and the server name in the article creation form 


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