Advanced Speaker Management with DW Event
Mar 29, 2010

A major component of program organization for events is managing speakers, and choosing, inviting, confirming, and registering speakers for your sessions is almost a full-time job in itself.


Many organizers of major events use a coordinating committee or project manager to handle speakers and programming, and this is an intelligent way to delegate an important task to one or more persons who can then be the main point of contact and communication with speakers.


However when it comes to transferring speaker information (which tends to change multiple times during the course of planning) to your online registration and event management system, things can get messy. Usually a speaker coordinator will not be the person who is entering the majority of data into your event management system, and in many cases they won't even be full-time staff members. Rather than training these committee managers to work with all of the back-end system requirements, you'll just want to give them the access that's needed in order for them to input the speakers for a given session.


DW Event now offers the possibility of tagging contacts in our CRM as Speaker Coordinators. This means that they will be sent an email with username and password info so that they can access the event management system to a limited degree based on their assigned task.


Once they access the system, they will be able to search for persons already in the CRM, or to create new records if necessary, and link these individuals to the program as speakers. Their permissions will give them the option to comp or discount ticketed events for the speakers they enter into the system, but they won't have full administrator access for the full range of discounts offered.


They will also be given the option to send out Speaker Registration Codes that are emailed directly to speakers so that they can self-register for the event, and in the process select the sessions and programming options that they want.


This tool makes it easy to delegate entering speaker information into the system without spending extra time and money on extensive training.



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