Jimmy Brake Oct 30, 2006

What is a CHUNK?

A chunk is text or html that can be included in a template or included in part of one of the text or html areas that gets displayed on most of our applications viewed with Firefox, IE or other internet browsers.


Why would I want to use a chunk?

You can put a little chunk of text/html just about anywhere in your dynamically generated site, then if you update the chunk it will update all of pages that has the chunk in it.


How do I use a CHUNK?

First you need to create a chunk

1. login to the CRM

2. go to configuration tools page then select Custom Pages in either the store or publisher modules.



3. Then put a check in the 'chunk' check box to have the custom page show up as a CHUNK option.



4. Then include the chunk that was created in one or more places on your website.





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