Organize Your Events Online With Categories
Oct 13, 2010

If your company hosts a large number of events for different types of audiences, you might want an easy way to direct visitors to your website to the event that's just right for them.


For example, you might host monthly gatherings or educational seminars in cities across the country. Your audience in each of those cities will not be interested in the events happening outside their area, and rather than obliging them to scroll through an extensive online calendar of events, you can group the events on your website by categories that you define.


In the same way that a blog or news website offers different content categories to make it easier for readers to navigate to the stories that they are most interested in, DW Event's online event management software offers the option to create categories for your events.


Taking the above example, you woul:

  • create categories for the different metropolitan regions in which your monthly gatherings are taking place.
  • tag the events in those regions with the appropriate categories
  • display on your homepage or event calendar page a drop-down list of the different metropolitan regions so that visitors could click on one and reduce the events calendar to gatherings in just that region


Now creating a professional event registration and marketing website with the flexibility to accomodate different promotional scenarios is within reach.

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