Discussion Forum and Social Networking Features
Feb 02, 2011

The newest upgrades to the event module are a discussion forum, a wall feature similar to facebook and a social network feature similar to myspace/facebook. Our integration with facebook/myspace/linked in continues of course.

The discussion feature allows people to discuss an article in the publisher, an event item and or a discussion can just be started. Some big differences between our discussion forum feature and myspace/facebook are their is no limit on the size of the posts we don't support images but you can upload large files(max 20megs). The reason for the differences is that our discussion feature will likely be used pre-event by an associations members so they can help organize the event. The wall feature is a natural log of a persons usage of the site. When they view an article, an event, register for an event or use the discussion tools all of those things are presently logged .. the wall feature simply lets them and the people in their network view the logs.

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