Boost Your Event Revenue with Early Bird Merchandising
Oct 27, 2010

Many events sell merchandise, ranging from T-shirts to CDs to publications, on-site. You can boost your pre-event sales by offering your merchandise items online at early bird prices. These days any savings are appreciated by clients, and giving registrants the option of paying beforehand by credit card will also save them day-of-event hassles, cash shortages, or lack of merchandise.


With DW Event you can offer merchandise items as part of your online registration form, all paid for in one single and easy checkout process. Some features include:

  • Setting active and inactive visibility dates so that these merchandise items will appear and disappear on your website on the dates that you set in advance
  • Setting an automatic alert message to appear on your website when there are only a certain number of items left (for example: "There are only 10 T-shirts left for sale") to stimulate buyers as in a last-minute sale scenario
  • Creating different pricing levels based on dates, to reward Early Bird buyers
  • Offering multiple sizes for T-shirts
  • Offering different formats for publications and educational materials, including downloadable online versions in PDF or PPT format.


Selling merchandise in advance is also a great way to take advantage of putting out more information, branding, and image related to your event.

If attendees purchase T-shirts for your event they will advertise it every time they put them on.

CDs and publications can be passed along to others and consulted in the future to keep the event fresh in people's minds.


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