Increase Your Event Website Visits
Nov 10, 2010

Publishing articles related to your event is a great way to increase SEO and visibility for your event website. With DW Event you have unlimited content management capabilities to create a truly robust event website.


DW Event is integrated with a complete online content management or web publishing system that makes it easy for you to upload a wide variety of content related to your event.

Here's how:

  1. From your event management screen, click on Communications
  2. At the top of the Communications panel you'll see an unfoldable list of Advanced Options
  3. At the top you'll see the options to create an article about your event*.

  4. Within the article creation page, you'll find a list of options to increase your SEO, including keywords, titles, descriptions, abstracts and subtitles
  5. Once you publish your article it will appear in a list of articles related to your event

  6. You can monitor visits and usage reports for your articles within the reports (charts and graphs) page

*Note: you can create articles about specific event items, such as meals (luncheons or dinners), special sessions, and other components.


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