Save Time by Cloning Entire Events
Oct 15, 2010

If your organization hosts events with similar formats, you can save large quantities of time and energy by cloning events. This means you don't have to manually copy extensive registration tickets, programming, and other sales items as well as overall event information.


When you create a new event in DW Event, you have three different options: cloning an existing event, using our existing templates, or creating an event from scratch.



For those using this first option, our cloning tool essentially creates an entirely new event in the system with the name and dates entered up front. All of the registration tickets and their descriptions, programming details and their descriptions, additional sales items such as lunches, dinners, or merchandise and their descriptions, and the overall event settings—including automated email communications, ticket sales cutoffs, logos, blurbs, and more—will be automatically copied over to the new event.


All you have to do is go into the different event management panels (Configuration, Registration, Communication, Programming, Printing and Report, and Expenses) to make the necessary adjustments for your new event.


Sample use cases:

  • Conferences with large quantities of sessions, registration types, and sales items
  • Workshop or seminar series with similar formats
  • Repeating annual or monthly events for membership associations
  • Trade Shows or EXPOs with large numbers of items for sale, sponsor types, and tickets


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