SEO for your Event Website
Nov 05, 2010

DW Event offers different Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functions to ensure that your event website gets maximum exposure on the Internet.


One is our SEO keyword option: in the Configuration panel of your event manager, you will have the option to include keywords, separated by commas, to boost visibility for search engines like Google. It's important to use keywords that also appear in your event website, for example in the landing page desription, to avoid getting penalized. See the image below.



Another is our SEO keyword option for event articles. When you publish an article about your event on your event website, you can also include keywords separated by commas. By publishing articles you can also increase the volume of content about your event and exponentially increase its online exposure. 


Finally, when you create articles about your event you can take advantage of subtitles, descriptions, and abstracts to further increase their visibility on the Internet.


Our servers are indexed daily by Google, ensuring that all updates are registered.



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