Event Registration Implementation
Feb 17, 2011

Here are the steps for getting your new event registration, social CRM and social media website implemented.


  1. Your new site will be hosted on the DW Alliance cloud system and will be a custom domain you select or custom subdomain of your website. Example if your website is called www.thejobdomain.com then a possible subdomain would be events.thejobdomain.com. Once you have decided on your sub domain then have your technical staff update your DNS with a CNAME record of your domain with the domain you setup as your trial account. Notify support@dwalliance.com with your new custom domain and your trial account subdomain of dwalliance.com.
  2. If you will be using Authorize.net, Paypal Pay Flo Pro, EWay or another of our supported credit card gateway providers we will help you get and install the SSL certificate.
  3. If you need further branding of your site please tell us the site you want us to clone. Please note we are not web-designers if you have changes beyond the cloning you can let your designer make the final adjustments to your sites layout.

At this point your site should be fully functional and looking exactly like you want now you need to create a new event or events and start marketing them to your registrants.

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