Create Discounted Tickets for Multiple Events with Tiered Pricing
Mar 17, 2010

It's increasingly common for associations or organizations who organize large numbers of events over the course of the year to offer discounts on event "bundles."


Let's say you plan a series of spring seminars, and would like to offer a discount to attendees who register for more than one event as an incentive for attending multiple seminars. Most online event registration and management systems don't allow you to group these events into a single registration process, requiring that attendees register separately for each event or, even worse, that you create additional discounted registrations for each of these events—a logistical headache that ends up occupying, rather than saving, your time.


With DW Event's Tiered Pricing feature, you can bundle two or more events into one registration pack where you determine the discounts in advance for each additional event.


Using the example above, you might offer a 10% discount for two seminars, 15% for 3, and so on. If someone clicks on two events, the 10% discount is automatically factored into their invoice, and they will be directed to answer the program selections and other relevant questions for both seminars all within one registration process. At the end of the registration process, they will enter their credit card or other payment information as always, and receive a single email receipt for both events.


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