A super CMS integrated directly with your Event Registration Software
Mar 03, 2009

We built a connector from our best of breed content management system(the same one used by newspapers, magazines and high end content providers all over the world) to our enterprise grade Event Registration System.


How many times have you had to setup a website for your event? Pretty much most sizable events need to have their own website to cover not only the advertising but the support for things like where it is at who will be there, how do you get there, what materials do you need etc.


We took it a step further, because it's what we like to do. We also updated the publisher with access controls so you can optionally lock down pages and course materials to only those people that have a valid registration you can of course leave it unlocked.  The pages are just like the rest .. auto linked, archived, sitemapped, indexed can also be be locked by subscription or required login etc. 


For event managers this is a god send because it saves time. Imagine creating and publishing a new page for your event as fast as you can type and then click enable?

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