Adding Special Messages To Gift Subscriptions
Jimmy Brake Apr 18, 2007

The special message option is part of the gift subscription page and or can be accessed from the CRM.  The gift page template should have this option enabled by default.  To access the feature from the CRM find a profile then click the link for duration and download. (You may need to update your template for this page. ) Create the complimentary/gift subscription as you normally would and make sure you enter the special message into the special message field.  When you use the email blaster to send your newsletter or e-mag then put the V_SPECIAL_MESSAGE tag in your e-blaster email. You should use p tags around the message and not precede the message with any special languauge since many clients will not have a special message. <p>V_SPECIAL_MESSAGE</p> using this method will also cause the space rendered by the email client to auto collapse if there is no message.


This technology is primarily used by bulk purchasers but is also quite popular with people buying a gift subscription for a friend or relative. 

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