Sending Test Email with Telnet
Jimmy Brake Oct 01, 2007

Start a terminal then at your command prompt:


?> telnet yourmailserver 25


You should get back the servers banner greeting.


?>  220 ESMTP


Then you say hello!


?>  helo foo


Then it should say


?>  250


Then you should tell it who is sending the email


?>  mail from:


Then it will say ok .. 


?>  250 ok


Then you need to tell it who the email is for(your test account)


?>  rcpt to:


Then tell it should tell you ok if that   

?>  250 ok


Then start to send the email

?>  data


You should get back something like

?> 354 go ahead punk, make my day

Then send some email foo...


?> from:
subject: test
date: today


You should get back:

?>  250 ok


then type

?> quit




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