How to install xen 3.2.1 from source on ubuntu hardy + intel quad core....
Jimmy Brake Jun 02, 2008

This was what i did to get xen 3.2.1 installed on a fresh install of hardy heron running on a intel quad core. I hope it can help you.

apt-get install gawk libssl-dev libncurses5-dev pciutils-dev build-essential texlive gettext libx11-dev bridge-utils iproute udev python-dev libzlcore-dev hg-buildpackage ghostscript transfig

cd /usr/src/

hg clone


tar xfvz xen-3.2.1.tar.gz

cd xen-3.2.1

(i edited the Makefile and changed x86_32 to x86_64 near the top of the file ...)

make world

make install


then install xen-tools .. i was fearful apt-get install xen-tools would fubar my xen .. so i installed that from source also


apt-get install debootstrap libtext-template-perl libconfig-inifiles-perl 

cd /usr/src


tar xfvz xen-tools-3.9.tar.gz

 cd xen-tools-3.9


There are good many tutorials about using xen-tools to get various os's installed on your new xen server.




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