Advanced Contact Management
Oct 25, 2010


Advanced Client and Contact Management

Events are a major clearinghouse of contacts that are highly valuable for the organizations or companies that organize them. If your event planning software doesn't integrate with your contact management system, you are most likely wasting a large amount of time passing this data between the two. DW Event provides you with a state-of-the-art online event management software that is 100% integrated with a full Customer Relationship Manager or CRM that enables you to:


  • Capture contact and relevant demographic data for all event registrants
  • Offer user-based secure login accounts that registrants and clients can update themselves
  • Create customized searches and filters of your contact database to extract targeted lists for mailing, marketing and other communications
  • Maintain detailed records of all client activities and transactions
  • Cross-check advanced event reports and analytics with client records, payment histories and event attendance records
  • Maintain call logs, email correspondence and notes for clients
  • Automate user login, password setting and retrieval for accounts
  • Integrate with financial records and accounting, including seamless integration with external programs such as Netsuite, SugarCRM, Salesforce and more



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