Tracking Marketing Effectiveness with DW Campaigns
Jan 14, 2010

We took a little time a few months ago to help you track the effectiveness of your marketing. Time is money if you spend several hours (or days) crafting a gorgeous email. Then sending it out to your email lists.  Would it not be great to see what happened after the click through?  Nearly all email tracking systems stop tracking at the email. Ours goes further. We updated our call logs so if you get a call and you log it you can also capture which campaign was responsible for the call.  If the end user also purchases via directly on the website or indirectly by email or phone you can manually select the proper campaign. You can also enter all your expense about the campaign, calculate what it cost to make and send that email. The cost of the incoming calls. See the revenue generated from all this effort and money. Track it. With a powerful and flexible graphs you can quickly see what is working and what is not.  It does take a little effort to remember to always use the DW Campaigns but you get back a powerful tool that can centralize nearly all the data from all the major modules.

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