Take Full Advantage of Event Reports
Mar 10, 2010

You need to track what's happening before, during and even after your event has taken place. A sophisticated tracking and reporting system is critical to measuring concrete results and benchmarks.


With DW Event you can keep track in real-time of your registrations as they come in, as well as payments being processed. Our easy 1-click reports automatically configure information such as

  • Both summarized information and a detailed break down of all purchases related to a given event.

  • You can alter the date range, search by who entered the data, selected different registration types and payment method to alter the results of the query.

  • Attendee purchases broken down by payment method.

  • Attendees by registration type.

The format of your report can be html, csv (great for mail merges and using in spreadsheet programs), or PDF (great for printing and distributing).


You can also opt to view reports in a variety of visual formats, such as bar graphs, pie-charts, or line-graphs that break down attendee registrations by date, and percentage of total registrations for given time periods (useful if you're tracking your marketing and promotional efforts).



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