How to Maximize Your Speakers BEFORE Your Event
Mar 12, 2010

Speakers are the centerpiece of many event programs, but few event management softwares enable you to take full advantage of them during the planning and registration phase. The DW Event Online Registration and Management System does:


In addition to giving you the option to bulk import speaker databases from external formats such as Excel, our Speaker Management tools give you several unusual options:


1) Speaker Bios: Create speaker bios to flesh out your program description, including photos and text that can link to additional informational pieces and external websites. These bios are automatically loaded into your event website's Customer Relation Manager (CRM) and will be visible on your program description once activated.


Event planning companies or organizations who tend to schedule speakers for more than one event can create a lasting, modifiable record, making these bios available for future programs at the click of a button.


2) Speaker information can be updated by external users. Our unique permissions system gives you the option to grant outside users limited access to speaker records. This is useful when:


You want to give speakers the option to update their own information directly, saving you and your staff time.


You have sponsored panels where the sponsors are responsible for selecting their speakers. This way panels that are designed by outside parties can be managed by them directly, giving them extra control over the finished product.



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