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Jimmy Brake Apr 04, 2007

The other day I was at a clients office and our conversation typically stayed on topic, an upgrade. However we ranged off and chatted about everything from yoga, to traveling to parents .. a very long but productive meeting. One topic we touched on was what kind of computer do I use. I told them linux using the KDE desktop. Then they asked is it like windows and pointed at the Windows XP we were working on. I said it looks pretty much like that there are a few more options to the left and a few less to the right. Generally it was like windows except for the configurability, Windows has a few options and KDE has a gazzillion options. With KDE my desktop acts pretty much exactly like I want it to which is why I use it. I certainly could have talked about free software, open source, security, stability, extensibility, needs more modest hardware and things like that ... but really what I like about Linux is how configurable it is.

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