Customize Your Registration Forms
Nov 02, 2010

Our custom form templates enable you to change the layout and content of your registration forms, a degree of control that few event management software offers.


Although most people will not need to use this feature, it's useful to know that our templates can be accessed and modified by any authorized staff with a working knowledge of html code.


Simply click on the custom form templates link under Configuration to extract the code for our standard template layout. You can then modify the order, wording and other organizational or style elements to create the registration form that best suits your company.


The standard form contents and order are:

  • Event Information
  • Registrant Contact Information
  • Registration Ticket Types
  • Additional Sales
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Guest Ticket Information
  • Special Questions
  • Program/Course Selector


If you make modifications, rest assured that you can always default to the base template should you need to return to the beginning.


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