How to Manage Association Events and Memberships
Mar 08, 2010

If you're a national association with hundreds or thousands of members, it's likely that you host one or more membership-based events per year. These conferences are the best way to deepen knowledge and networking within a given industry or interest area, as well as to keep members up-to-date on the organization's goals and activities.


Managing members and managing events tend to be seen as separate tasks, with separate software and support systems. But with DW Event, you can simultaneously build an association's membership infrastructure and use that to effectively plan your next event.

Create a Membership Database

With our membership/subscription manager, you can create a powerful online membership database to house all the information relevant to your association (in addition to contact information, you can capture data on involvement in past activities, interests, previous events attended, dues collected, and much more--the sky's the limit when it comes to the categories you create in our CRM).


Members Can Update Their Own Information

This database can be accessed at different levels by members from any internet connection in the world: you can give members permission to update their personal information and pay any outstanding fees or dues via credit card or our other payment processing systems, saving you the hassle of tracking down and processing payments for members with outstanding dues.


Membership and Event Planning Integrated

Having your members' records updated makes a big difference at the hour of hosting your event. You will already have their contact information, their event preferences (including meal, hotel and travel needs if necessary) and their billing information. You can also opt to offer special discounts or subtract association membership fees from the event registration, since many events double as an opportunity to renew membership feeds and reconnect with the organization.


Automatic Communications and Membership Renewals

Our system was designed to eliminate as much work as possible from your desk, automating as many functions as possible. With this in mind, our membership manager will automatically send membership fee renewal notices, past-due notices, and--in the event that the individual doesn't renew by a specific date--will disable their account until it is reactivated.


In the same way, DW Event will automatically send invitations, reminders, confirmations and receipts to event attendees. You don't have to worry about complicated faxes, mailings or telephone calls when you can transfer up to 90% of your communications to automated emails!


With our automatic email broadcasting and newsletter tool you can not only create and schedule your email communications in advance, but you can do so with a sophisticated html editor that allows you to develop high-quality, professional marketing pieces with the ease of a basic blogging software.


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